Cruïlla Primavera 2023

Rufus T. Firefly

Saturday 11 March
Starts at 21:00
Doors 20:00
La [2] d'Apolo

Sold Out

Rufus T. Firefly live at Cruïlla Primavera 2023!

Soundscapes. Induced trances. Watching a Rufus T. Firefly concert means gawking. Rocking on a swing and suppressing gravity. Moving to live in outer space.

Rufus T. Firefly has always avoided the obvious. And, on El Largo Mañana, their latest album, they swap progressive rock for psychedelic loops. A succession of addictive mantras inspired by the neo-soul of geniuses like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. And, for Victor Cabezuelo, their most personal album.

In addition, the band will be joined by a luxury guest, Reme, the Anglo-Spanish glam rock band capable of transporting us back to the seventies and making us vibrate with the most current rock at the same time. With references as diverse as Arctic Monkeys or Elton John, the band will present Reme, their first album!

On 11 March 2023, Rufus T. Firefly will be back to Barcelona. They will perform at La [2] de Apolo, as part of Cruïlla Primavera. And they will turn the venue into a sacred place where the laws of space-time are forbidden. Come and float with us.

Start hour Reme ‘s concert: 20:30h

Start hour Rufus T. Firefly’s concert: 21h