Cruïlla Tardor 2022

Rita Payés i Elisabeth Roma

Saturday 3 December
Starts at 21:00

Sold Out!

Rita Payés i Elisabeth Roma:  End of Tour Concert at Cruïlla Tardor 2022

Rita Payés is, without a doubt, one of the voices of the Catalan national scene of 2022 and seems destined to become an international reference of the song. At 4AM and with a shattered heart, as you can only have at the age of 22, Rita has created melodies and lyrics that have ended up being played all over the world.

Accompanied on guitar by her mother, Como la piel is the first album by Rita Payés and an exhibition of complicity that is only possible between musicians who know and love each other. 11 songs based on jazz, bolero, bossa nova and classical guitar that has already led mother and daughter to tour different European capitals.

After Sold Out at the Cruïlla Primavera as part of an extraordinary tour that has filled venues everywhere, Rita Payés will end it at Cruïlla Tardor with a concert at  L’Auditori on December 3, as part of Cruïlla Tardor and Sit Back.. The last chance to discover a unique voice and talent live.

Tickets are sold out!

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