Cruïlla Tardor 2024

CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso

Thursday 5 December
Starts at 21:00
Doors 20:00

CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso concert at Cruïlla Tardor 2024!


Contrary to what their debut album as a duet, ‘BAÑO MARÍA’, proclaims, the popularity of this Argentine couple has been fast cooked: after releasing their first songs in 2018 and cultivating their careers separately in parallel, this 2024 they have released an album with collaborations such as Tini or Lali that already accumulates millions of listens on Spotify.

CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso come from Buenos Aires to fill Barcelona with talent and humor: don’t miss them next December 5 at Razzmatazz 2 closing Cruïlla Tardor 2024!

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They are unpredictable, daring and frenetic, they have a chaotic relationship with music, they love to mix genres, they are not afraid to make you uncomfortable and they sing about love, heartbreak, shamelessness, partying or social irony. CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso unite pop with bars in these new 12 songs that land the talent of the two soloists in an explosive way.

Come and listen to them live in a new edition of Cruïlla Tardor next December 5th at Razzmatazz 2!