Cruïlla Produccions


Monday 12 September
Starts at 20:00
Doors 19:30
Sala Apolo

The voice that makes us feel: Aurora in concert in Barcelona – Sold Out!

Opening acts: Sei Selina and Thea Wang

Set times:

  • 20h: Thea Wang
  • 20:30h: Sei Selina
  • 21:30h: AURORA

When someone speaks about AURORA is talking about personality. Not only for her unique voice, also for the lyrics of her songs, her movements on stage and even for the production process of her music. Everything is impregnated by her essence.

She often explains that it was once hard for her to sing on stage, until she discovered that it was a way to help her audience disconnect from their daily lives and motivate them to cry, dance and laugh with her. Because, when she performs live, the shy air that surrounds her is transformed into pure power.

AURORA is getting back to Barcelona with her new album The Gods We Can Touch, 16 songs in which her voice is heard and makes us feel. The Norwegian singer is able to transport you to her own dimension in each song. Playing with electronic and folk elements and exploiting to the maximum a voice as soft as torrential.

This combination of strength and fragility is what makes AURORA a unique artist, with all the virtues to conquer the public. On September 12, do not miss the opportunity to feel, in the broadest sense of the word, her voice live at Sala Apolo.