Cruïlla Tardor 2023

31 FAM

Saturday 25 November
Starts at 21:00
Doors 19:30
Sant Jordi Club



We don’t know who you are, how old are you or how many concerts you’ve been to, but we know for sure that you’ve never experienced a live show like this one. A staging that will mark a before and after in the urban scene. Live music, a dancing crew and 6 young people with a titanic stage presence. Definitely, you have never seen anything like it.

The concert of 31 FAM at the Sant Jordi Club on November 25th will become an epic event within the Cruïlla Tardor 2023 and, above all, in the trajectory of this Catalan trap group, which will celebrate the end of a spectacular era of the group.

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It’s only been 4 years since they released TR3TZE, a first album that catapulted them to the top of the national charts and showed that “la festa retumba” (the party rumbles) with their “reggaeton per les nenes de veritat” (reggaeton for real babes), as they sing in WAN TUN, one of the hits of BONA FE, the album they have released in 2023. Now, however, they are coming to the Sant Jordi Club to present X SI ENS VEIEM EN UNA ALTRA VIDA, the album with which they change stage and take a leap forward.

They are still the Nens del barri that opened their hearts with Sincero but with a sound production, a light design and special effects that make even more evident the growth that they are living and that will take them to blow up the Cruïlla Tardor!